Hannah Dasher

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Nashville’s best-kept secret: Hannah Dasher. When Dasher takes the stage, you see a country star who was born to entertain. 

What you don’t see is what it took her to get to that stage. “In order to pay my band, I had to start cleaning houses and sell all my guitars, including the first and only one my daddy ever gave me. For years, I wrote songs and played shows on borrowed guitars,” Dasher recalls. “Eventually, I scrubbed enough toilets to buy my first Gibson.” 

Accompanying her big hair and her larger-than-life personality is a voice that’s even bigger. Listen closely and you’ll hear remnants of Lorrie Morgan, Dolly Parton, Aretha Franklin and Alan Jackson. It all makes for a sound that’s familiar — like your favorite 90’s country — yet uniquely fresh.  

7:00 pm

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